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Chili cook-off guidelines:

  • Teams with one or more members who work part/full time in a kitchen should join the Professional Division
  • Limit to 6 members per team
  • Must provide own cooking/heating equipment
  • Beans allowed
  • Must cook on-site during the event, although some prior preparations will be allowed (chopping vegetables)
  • Teams should prepare 8 gallons of chili or more (250 "three-ounce" servings or more)
  • Tables and chairs for each team will be provided by the event
  • Serving containers and plasticware will be provided by the event
  • Teams encouraged to decorate designated booths and even wear costumes or team uniforms on event day. Have fun with it!
  • All paid teams will receive more detailed event info and guideline the week prior to Chili In The Channel 
  • For more info:


Entry Fees:

  • Amateur Division

  • Professional Division